Autism: Intelligence Quotient and Joey S i9000 Teacher Article


Brand: Joseph Patrick

Date of Birth: 6/20/04

Chronological Age: 7

Level: 2nd

Date of Analysis: December 18, 2011

Affiliate Question:

Will the child meet up with criteria intended for Autism or perhaps ADHD, and based on screening results, exist recommendations for institution and house that can help the kid? Relevant Developmental History

Medical History

Joey was born too early at twenty eight weeks gestation, weighing only 3 pounds, 4 ounces. During her pregnancy, his mother experienced bleeding inside the first trimester. She got prenatal vitamins and did not smoke or drink. The lady ceased acquiring her migraine medication although she was pregnant. Following his delivery, Joey spent three days on mechanised ventilation. By 30 days, Joey was clinically determined to have periventricular leukomalacia. He spent a total of seven several weeks in the medical center before having been released. Joey developed spastic hemiplegia in the left side and was clinically determined to have cerebral palsy at almost eight months of age. Joey provides undergone many surgical procedures, which includes, strabismus in the eyes and tendon produces. He as well experienced extreme reflux and received nutrition through a gastric tube. Associated with his spastic hemiplegia, Joey had a Baclofen pump implanted, which, coming from parent reports, has significantly decreased his spasticity. About his sixth birthday, Joey began to have got seizures. In respect to his mother, Joey has had 12-15 significant seizures, but none within the last season. He currently takes Trileptal to control his seizure activity.

Family History

Joey's quick family consists of his father, mother, big brother, Tanner, and younger sister, Marie. His family is White and only speak English in your own home. Tanner can be 13-years-old and has been treated for ATTENTION DEFICIT-HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER since his diagnosis in 2008. He receives solutions through his IEP; places to stay include occupational therapy for handwriting once weekly, daily mathematics instruction within a resource area, and may job application speech therapy. Marie can be 5-years-old and was likewise born prematurely at 35 weeks pregnancy. Marie got expressive conversation and dialect delays, although is now declassified. She is at present not getting any services. Both of Joey's parents are healthy and balanced, though his mother a new history of migraines that ceased five in years past. On his mother's side, he as one 1st cousin with a learning impairment and one particular cousin on his father's affiliate with Down Problem.

School Background

Joey attends Northpoint Elementary School in Granger, IN. He is presently in a popular classroom and receives equally physical and occupational remedy for half an hour, once a week, as stated by his IEP. Just lately, both his mother and teacher have reported this individual has become more distractible during certain activities, especially transliteration. They also remember that Joey becomes frustrated quickly with examining and punctuational and will make an effort to avoid these types of subjects. Joey has received grades of ‘needs work' in reading to get the first and second quarter and in spelling for the other quarter. In all other subject matter, he received ‘progressing' or perhaps ‘good' signifies. His educator reports that she thinks Joey is actually a ‘natural' in his math abilities, but will not apply a similar focus with other subjects. She has noticed that Joey is inattentive and endeavors to avoid themes such as examining and transliteration, but likewise notes this kind of inattention happens inconsistently. She has noticed this behavior more in the last month, but does not consider Joey's behavior being disruptive to the rest of the category. Joey's handwriting is also a concern, possibly as a result of physical limitations. His instructor indicates that Joey can be quite a very excited participant during class, specifically during group activities. Lately, Joey have been ‘zoning out' during university and has been struggling with his schoolwork, specifically reading and spelling.

Personal History

Joey is extremely interested in film production company Cars, and quite often quotes lines from the motion picture. In school, he often really wants to discuss the movie, but...


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