Aluminum Copper Alloy Research Paper

Laboratory record

Aluminum Water piping Alloy

MSCI 300 – Thermodynamics of Materials

Alexandre de Freitas Silveira

Affluence Claire

12 , 18th, 2012.

Abstract: As of this experiment, the composition of the alloy of Aluminum Copper was assessed via Xray Fluorescence. Using this, it was conceivable to construct a phase diagram a produce some predictions about the possible stages presents at considering the several samples employed in this try things out, the samples prepared only at that experiment the sample while delivered was analyzed with no kind of treatment (sample I), the sample with sluggish cool was prepared shedding the bulk material at a heater a great letting it lowers at the heaters at a slow rate (sample II), finally, the sample with speedy cool was performed melting the bulk material and then slow cooled down as the sample II, after this the sample was melted again and quickly cooled applying liquid nitrogen (sample III). Those selections were reviewed by Scanning services Electronic Microscopy to characterize the make up, as well as view the pattern of phases in the alloy.

Keywords: Aluminum Copper mineral, Phase Picture, Cooling charge, SEM, XRF.


The microstructure in the material plays a fundamental role at the physical properties. Thus, the understanding of period diagrams for system is extremely important. Besides, stage diagrams provide important information regarding the melting, sending your line, crystallization and other information [1].

1) Binary Systems with Partial Stable Solubility

This can be the case of the alloy Aluminum and Water piping, which solute atoms of another metallic can be mixed in the solvent in a sound state. In such diagrams, three one phase areas are found around the diagram: α, β, and liquid. The α phase, a solid remedy rich in an atom, has additionally B atoms as the solute component. The β phase, a good solution abundant in B atoms, has A while the solute. Also, there are three two-phase regions found for the program: The α + D, β & L and α + β phases [1].

2) Principles of Deciphering Electronic Microscopy (SEM)

An extremely thin electron beam can be used to scan the sample. When the beam extends to the test surface electron is emitted and those are in charge of to form the. The differences inside the surface in the sample affect the pattern which the electrons are existing from this. Slots or cracks appear darker lumps and bumps appear clear, causing an image that seems to be 3d [2]. The great good thing about this device is the excessive depth of field, the order of 10 µm for improves about of 10, 000X. Also the probabilities of combining microstructural analysis with chemical microanalysis are elements that tremendously contribute to the popular use of this system [2].

3) Guidelines of X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

The basic theory for the XRF is based on the fact the materials can be ionized when excited with high-energy (X-rays for instance). When this primary Xray beam excites the test turn emits X-rays along a range of wavelengths characteristic from the types of atoms present in the sample, the emitted X-rays indicate the type of atom present [3].

Trial and error

There were three different trials: as delivered (I), quickly cooled (II) and warmed next towards the melting stage with slowly cooled (III) using a heater. Sample II was heated up and quickly cooled applying liquid nitrogen. Sample III was little by little heated then slowly cooled down, both selections II and III had been melted to clean up the thermal historic and steer clear of unknown earlier features for the samples.

1) Sectioning

The sectioning utilized to produce selections for the XRF and for the initial burning process that was performed to clean the thermal historic of the trials. For obtaining the samples to get the XRF and for the first melting, the bulk test was cut manually by using a saw. Yet , for the preparation with the samples pertaining to the metallography analysis the samples was cut utilizing a cutoff machine, the samples that was cut with the cutoff machine were...

Sources: [1] – Callister, T. D. Jr. Materials Scientific research and Executive: An Introduction. eighth Edition (2010).

[2] – seen at 12/16/2012.

[3] – accessed in 12/16/2012.


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