Pronunciation: Reach and Last Syllables Activity Essay

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Level: A2 up-wards

Focus: Pronunciation - unstressed

final syllables

Activity: unique similar

sounding words



This is a pronunciation video game for B razil learners of English. Brazilians speaking The english language often lessen unstressed final syllables a whole lot that they are inaudible. For example , taxi sounds like duty. This video game is to raise awareness of this challenge.


1 .

Give out or project PRONUNCIATION JOURNEY.

installment payments on your

Point out the pair cook-cookie at the bottom in the page. Make clear that if they listen to cook, they have to turn remaining and if they hear dessert they should change suitable. Now claim 1 . cook, 2 . make, 3. dessert, 4. prepare food and ask students which metropolis they have reached (answer sama dengan Singapore).

three or more.

Try a handful of more cases using various other word pairs. You may employ words from different pairs at each with the junctions 1-4, for example 1 . cookie, installment payments on your cop, three or more. coffee, 4. dirty = Tokyo.


When college students are entirely familiar with the method, get one vo lunteer to state words from your word pairs. Advise the reader to make the difference between the right and left words very clear! You and the rest of the class ought to follow and identify the location. If anyone reaches an unacceptable destination, get them to work out in which they proceeded to go wrong. Was it for the reason that reader did not make the big difference clearly enough?


Students can now work in pairs. They take turns to be reader and listener, guiding the other person to one from the city spots. Remind your readers to make the big difference between the left and right words very clear, otherwise their very own partners will reach an incorrect city!


Get them to transform partners is to do the activity again.


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