Qr Codes and Your Well being Essay

QR Codes plus your Health: How Technology Can easily Impact Proper care

Valerie Carroll

Chamberlain University of Nursing

NR361 Data Systems in Healthcare

Summertime 2013

QR Codes Along with your Health: How Technology Can Impact Proper care


Think about being able to have the medical history, medication list, drug-store preferences and allergies kept safe for you in one location that wouldn't have up any space. Next, imagine being able to access this information quickly with only a mobile phone, or perhaps electronic audience, or for anyone who is unable to accomplish this a trained fiar could gain access to this same information and make your treatment. Thanks to Quick Response (QR) codes, this new technology is definitely slowly being a safe and available strategy to health care consumers. A new preliminary program in Marin County, Washington dc is offering its residents totally free access to sign up for an online medical management system called Lifesquare. This program provides the residents a method to use technology to reduce human being error " …the paramedic can check out the Lifesquare QR code and directly upload that health information to the electronic record, making the knowledge more accurate. ” (Rich, 2012, p. 41). This process is " not merely quicker for paramedics, in addition, it removes the element of individual error. ” (Rich, 2012, p. 41). QR rules offer different advantages, including appointment booking, directions to a hospital, maps, medication details and health teaching. QR codes happen to be customizable and is individually focused on meet someone’s specific needs. Body

A QR code is a two- dimensional barcode. It can hold any information you want, and can be updated quickly. There are free of charge programs that walk the person through creating a QR code. QR requirements were initially used in the mid- 1990's by an automaker in order to car devices (Kabachinski, 2012). Now, these QR requirements are located in items from boxes of cereal to advertisements. Because of the ease of creation and capacity to hold a lot of information in a space, QR codes happen to be...

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