Robert Mondavi Company Dissertation

Background of Robert Mondavi Company

Washington dc wine-maker Robert Mondavi has been one of the world's most innovative and high-quality manufacturers of great wine. The Mondavi friends and family did significant effort upon showing the Napa Area region for the forefront of international winemaking. Robert Mondavi is a great Italian migrant and began his winemaking business seeing that 1960s. His intelligence and keenness in wines lead him to be a tale in Californian premium wines industry and owned brands like Robert Mondavi Napa Valley, Robert Mondavi Coastal, Woodbridge, Vichon Mediterranean, Caliterra and Rilucente. Since 1979, Mondavi has additionally produced, in joint collaboration with the Souverain Phillippe de Rothschild wine beverage family, the ultra-premium Gyvas One packaging. The company markets about 10 million cases of wines per year, with Woodbridge as its top-selling packaging. In 2001, the company earned $481 million in profits and distributed wine in more than eighty countries. The Robert Mondavi Corporation went public in 1993, although the Mondavi family members controls 92 percent of voting stock.

Problem Declaration

How can the Robert Mondavi Company enhance their competitive advantages and thrive in the long run in the global wine sector with many proven and consolidated competitors.

External Studies – Porter's Five Forces


The bargaining power of buyers in the wine sector is fairly high due to their focused control of product sales at both equally wholesale and retail amounts. Several huge distributors control a substantial share of the industry and make most of the revenue for wine producers including Mondavi. On the retail level, supermarkets and discount organizations have become more concentrated, generally accounting for 70% or maybe more of off-premise sales in Europe. Actually Mondavi's most significant wholesaler, The southern area of Wine and Spirits, accounted for 29% in the firm's revenue. And Costco, the largest wine beverages retailer in US, also accounted for 10% of Mondavi's total revenue volume. The concentrated negotiating power of potential buyers gives the large wholesalers and retailers significant influence and power above wine producers' business decisions.


The bargaining benefits of suppliers is comparatively low in the wine industry due to the large number of suppliers for recycleables such as corks, bottles, and grapes; and costs for these unprocessed trash are comparatively stable as a result of significant competition. This situation makes less negotiating power of suppliers. On the other hand, backward integration in the industry likewise weakens the bargaining benefits of suppliers as the companies may control all their supply string. For instance, Mondavi signs long-term contacts with its grape suppliers and functions closely with growers to enhance grape quality and availability. This practice increases the price stability and limits the suppliers' negotiating power within the company.


The menace of new entrants in the wine beverages industry is pretty low. Winemaking is a capital-intensive business that requires significant investments in working capital, in addition to the cost of obtaining land. Pertaining to luxury wine beverage producers, an acre of land sell for as much as $150, 000 in California and $250, 000 in France. There is the fact that the new parcel of land cannot develop revenue for many years, due to the maturity of the fruit. A new competitor must be in a position to sustain itself in the industry without revenues or perhaps profits to get a reasonably long start-up period. For these reasons, the threat of new entrants in the wine market is fairly low.


The threat of rivalry is incredibly high in the premium wine beverages business. Key focused rivals in the premium wine industry include Kendall-Jackson, Trinchero Properties, Southcorp and Robert Mondavi. Large-volume manufacturers such as E& J Gallo and Multitude Brands are also shifting toward the superior wine marketplace. And even significant alcoholic beverage firms such as Diageo, Foster's Group, Brown-Forman and Allied Domecq are...


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