Most Impressive Native American Leader Essay

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History 1302

Bruce 6th

Most Amazing Native American Leader

Following your Civil War the United States appeared westward to expand the nation to

the Pacific Ocean. An impediment to westward expansion was Natives

already occupying an claiming huge territories. Most Native Americans would not

understand the scope or perhaps magnitude in the hordes of men and women moving western world. The

primitive tribes of Indigenous America had been unprepared to handle the value

of change that was to have no choice but on them. Much like most people much more need,

Native American leaders emerged out of necessity. Geronimo, Chief Joseph and

Sitting Bull were three Native Americans leaders who lived in different geographic

areas of the european territories and were people of different people. Each

gained prestige as amazing Native American leaders. From the three, Seated

Half truths was the the majority of impressive leader.

Geronimo, a great Apache and member of the Bedonkohe group, lived in Northern

Mexico highlighting the current claims of Az and Fresh Mexico. Geronimo lived

in serenity until Philippine troops bitten his small town in his absence. His mother,

wife, three kids and many other villagers were killed. 1

Infuriated and curved on revenge, Geronimo was part of a grouping of warriors delivered to

actual revenge within the Mexican Armed service Garrison thought to be responsible for the

assault on the Indien village. two A pitfall was set, the Philippine soldiers from your

garrison gave run after. All but one particular was killed. The chief was captured alive and

dress fire inside sight of his small town. 3 Craze and the need for revenge described the

rest of Geronimo's life.

Geronimo, along with small groups of Apaches, continued to raid negotiations and

murder remote control settlers in northern Mexico, Arizona and New South america. The Tribe

Apaches west and north from the Bedonkohe. Apaches signed a treaty and agreed to

move to a reservation. some Geronimo would not feel motivated to move towards the

reservation since his tribe would not sign the treaty. Geronimo and others

continued to raid and kill settlers. A United states of america Army Basic was sent

towards the area to obtain the Indians on the reservation. five On the booking Geronimo

was suspicious of the reservation agents and soldiers. His rage went

him to stir up little groups of Apaches who wanted to raid outside the

reservation. 6 Geronimo's and others actions caused challenges on the reservation

Indians. 7 Ultimately Geronimo was captured and sent to Ft Pickens for the year.

Declared a prisoner of war, Geronimo was brought to an tropical isle out post in Pensacola

Gulf, Florida. From there he was relocated to Fort Sill Oklahoma in which he resided

until his death.

Geronimo never attained a tribal rank of a chief. He did lead small artists of

warriors about raids. 8 His activities were not necessarily supported by the Apache

nation. This individual never did something that improved circumstances for his nation. Some

Apaches testified in eyewitness accounts that he was a cowardly vengeful fantastic.

Key Joseph came to be in 1840 and perished in 1904. Chief Frederick inherited the

Joseph name from his father. Younger Joseph was educated in a Oregon

Mission post and transformed into Christianity. 9 As a young man he was an active

supporter of peace while using whites.

Key Joseph was thrust into a Chieftain part of the Nec Perez Tribe of Local

People in the usa when his father died. Shortly after Joseph became Main, a group of

Nec Perez warriors who have did not desire to move to a small booking staged a raid

on light settlers. 15 After considering the potential outcomes of the rezzou and the

repercussions to adhere to, Joseph chose to try and move the group to Canada and

not go to the reservation. Roughly three 1, 000 troops U. S. Armed service were

dispatched to capture Chief Joseph and Nez Perez Group. About seven-hundred



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